We started in 1955 with the J. Arana Seguros Agency, that changed into ABK Arana Brokers in 1990. Currently we are denominated “ABK Riesgos y Seguros”. Our name has evolved following the market rules and the own growth of the company.

In the 60´s there wasn’t insurance brokerage but insurance agents. In the 80´s, due to the important number of insurance companies the concept of “broker” appears, at this time the most important was to auction the insurances. Currently, because of the insurance company concentration, the concept of brokers auctioning insurances is disappearing: Nowadays is difficult to find more than two insurance companies wishing to cover your risks.

That’s why the priority is to explain professionally the situation and risks to the insurance market. ABK has evolved into a Directors-associated model, with a high degree of qualification and knowledge of the market. ABK Riesgos y Seguros is a company name, less biased and with a society denomination.