About Us


ABK RIESGOS Y SEGUROS is a leading Spanish company specialised in risk management and insurance for companies.

We have 5 Partners Consultants specialists in different practice areas, supported by a business organization which includes 12 people.

Combining the entrepreneur risk comprehension with the insurance management, ABK offers to its customers a complete advice and a honest vision on how to transfer the company risk’s to the insurance market.




Looking for long term and stable relationship based on the quality and results of our advice and management.

Director Associated

Clients’ management and responsibility are lead by associates, who coordinates different departments and professionals participating in the different cases of insurance and risk mangement.



ABK is an independent company owned by its associate-directors. With local shareholders.

Relation with insurance companies


Thanks to our large history –reputation-, financial strength and professionalism, we enjoy from a fantastic relationship with the insurance companies. In fact we are transferring risk to all the relevant insurance companies.

Note : ABK S. L. Risk and insurance is as insurance brokerage in the register of the General Insurance address with No. J -1751